Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some [FRs] from the weekend

Was sick and bogged down at work, so didn't go out much last week.  However, I did go out Friday and Saturday.  Here are those FRs.

Friday - Went out with coworkers beforehand.  There was a hot twoset behind us.  I noticed them walking in, then ignored them to talk to my coworkers and build up social proof.  They were both sitting facing the door and I was sitting with my back towards them.  At one point I turned around and said something along the lines of, "can you two please keep it down back there, we're trying to talk!"  Of course I said it with a big, shit-eating grin and they loved it, hooking right away.  I talked for them a bit before turning my attention back to my group.  I later opened them again.  I was giving one of the girls (Russian) some kino, but she was not digging it.  The other one was into me, but I didn't make my move because I am uncomfortable sarging in the spotlight of coworkers.  I would have invited them to sit with us, but logistics were awful.

When everyone was calling it a night at 8:00, I decided to go and hit up a local bar.  I went in and ordered a few drinks and tried to flirt with the bartender a little.  Sent out a coupla pings to friends.  One hit, so we went next door to another place I know (Fred's).  Hung around, but not much was going on.  My friend wanted to go to a dive bar, so we bounced there.  Inside it was crowded.  I went to the bathroom and on the way so a girl I number closed before Thanksgiving.  Talked with her, showed her the pictures I had on my phone of us, and told her I would call her later.  My friend and I bounced, and that was that.  Talked to a couple of other girls here and there, but nothing noteworthy.

Saturday - Friend (girl)'s birthday party.  Meet up her house about nine and start drinking.  They are doing shots and eventually get wasted.  We hang out there for a bit then head out to a club.  The place is CRACKIN with HB 9s and 8s all over the place.  I am still uncomfortable approaching when the hot girl-rate is so high.  At one point I am in the patio-area smoking.  I notice that where I am standing there is a bunch of guys and on the other side of the space there are a bunch of girls.  It's like a high school dance.  While I am thinking, a cutie comes up to me and asks for a cigarette.  I give her a look, but she stays.  I tell her that I might give her a butt if she did something cool/funny.  She's like, "what?"  I say, "what are you good at?"  She thinks about it, but says, "nothing."  Then her eyes light up and she says, "oooh.  I know!"  She then bends her thumbs backwards and says, "see?"  I'm like, "wtf?!"  I kino her a bit and of course make fun of her a little.  I give her a cigarette and light it.  She calls me a gentleman.  We talk for a little big longer before she bounces.

After this interaction I'm thinking, "wtf am I doing?"  I walk across the space to two gals who look as though they are waiting to be opened.  I move in and say, "it's like a high school dance in here with girls on one side and guys on the other."  They laugh and are opened.  We talk a bit, with me giving them shit and them complimenting me ("You don't look like a smoker.  You have a good complexion and look clean").  I bounce inside to look for my way-too drunk friend to make sure she's not getting me into trouble.

Two things about two of the girls in the group I'm with.  One is the birthday girl and is constantly trying to get into my pants, but I LJBF'd her.  She is way too drunk tonight.  Another is a cute girl who only likes buff black guys.  I am not a buff black guy, but I get the feeling that she has a thing for me, so I flirt with her.  She buys me a drink at one point in the night with very little prompting.  Later in the night, she is probably too drunk and clinging all over me, holding my hand, all the signs.  I try to kiss her but get the cheek twice.  Being unreactive I just don't give a fuck, but it was fun.

Later, I go back outside to the dance floor and reopen the twoset from earlier.  I do some grinding with them and cop a feel or two off of them.  My interest level isn't high as they are both 40-somethings, but they've got great bodies and one is French while the other is Brazilian.  I attempt to number close the French gal (even though the Brazilian would've been easier to close) and get the "I'll take yours."  So I put it in and press "send."  I then hand her phone back and go to take out mine.  She ends the call before I get to my phone and says, "I'll call you."  Welp, I've got to look for my friends and don't have time to fuck with her, so I peace.

At one point a wing from seddit shows up.  I get separated from my other friends, so we bounce to another bar (Fred's again).  The place is packed and there are two separate lines, both about 20 people deep.  We walk past the front, see that it's hopeless (getting close to bar time) and darkenergizerbunny says, "why don't we just walk in?"  "Sure," I say.  "We've got to just walk right up like we own the place."  So I go to the front.  I see a bouncer we know, walk right up to him and say, "we were outside smoking."  He says, "hey man."  We are on the other side of the velvet rope and there are two lines on either side of us.  He's letting a group of girls in.  One says something about showing her tits, so I vibe with the bouncer about that a bit.  When he turns to face me again, I make a move to go in and he opens the velvet rope.  I point to my wing and say, "this guy's with me."  We go in.  Place is packed.  I make a bee-line for the back bar.

Now, I can't say exactly what happened, other than to say that I always open a set at the bar, if available.  This time is no different.  I find an empty space at the bar (probably talking to girls on my way in) and say something to a cutie next to me.  She is  very receptive, so we start to talking.  I'm not even sure about what, but I one point I remember a line I read on seddit that I want to give a try.  I say, "Listen, I'm not gay and I don't have a girlfriend or anything, I just suck at flirting and I think you are cute.  Thought I'd throw that out there."  We then go back to talking.  I can tell in her face when I tell her that she's intrigued and it works.  RIGHT ON!  Wish I could remember who I got the line from.  I end up hanging out with this girl for the rest of the night.  Her friend (cousin) kind of hates me and seems to be trying to get rid of me, but this girl is dragging me around by holding my hand.  At some point the lights come on and we are getting separated in the crowd.  I take out my phone, put it onto a new contact page and put it in her hand.  I then lose her in the crowd.  I've never been so worried.  I thought I might never see my phone again.

I walk outside with my wing.  She's right there greeting me as I walk out the door and hands me my phone.  "If you can remember my name, call me."

Later that night I text two girls (no idea what her name was).  Hers was the first response (the other girl texted, "who the fuck are you?"  lol).

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