Thursday, September 29, 2011

9/23/11 FR

Have not been going out as much because I've been focusing on other things.  However, I did go out last Friday and I'll post a short FR here.

Started as most Fridays have, with me heading to drinks with coworkers.  We've been hitting the same bar consistently, so I've developed some good relationships there with the regulars and the staff.  I cannot stress enough how important social game is to your overall game.  Remember that getting better with women is just a by-product of you becoming a better person overall.

So, we're at the bar and having some drinks.  I'm in a suit from a hearing earlier in the day.  I feel uncomfortable at first, but just own it and become comfortable.  I'm talking to people and enjoying myself.  At some point, it's time to go, so I head over to my "home bar."  I'm still in my suit, but make the best of it and open some sets.  After one drink, it's time to go home and get changed.  I'm meeting some friends at midnight, so I go home, get changed and head back to the bar.  When I reopen sets, they notice I've changed, but I play it off as funny.  One set in particular I hook real well.  It's a mixed set so I say, "You guys are fun, I'm hanging out with you tonight."  I keep going back to them and they are really receptive.  None of the girls are 9s or 10s (hey, it's San Jose), but I have fun anyway.

Eventually, midnight rolls around and I've got to go meet my friends, so I say my goodbyes and head out.  I was completely outcome independent tonight and my sets benefited from it.  I went out just thinking that I'd have a good time, and I did.  The sets I talked to were fun and receptive.

The rest of the week, I've been working on inner game.  I'm trying to become a better value-giver, as well as non-reactive.  I want people to want to be around me.  I want to be able to look at a girl and build attraction without saying a word.  I think it's been going well because I've been having some positive experiences during the week.  For instance, I was out Tuesday and had some really good interaction with a couple of hired guns. Great eye contact and smiles, to the exclusion of others.

Every once in a while it's nice to step back and work on your inner game.  Tonight we go out with the San Jose crew.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thursday Night Last

Thursday night went out with the BAS crew.  We only had four show up, but a crew is a crew.  We met up at a dive bar to pregame it.  I got there first and didn't see many options.  There was a twoset at the bar who I opened with, "I'm not trying to take your seat, just ordering a drink."  They smiled and I played with them a little bit before I got served.  It took forever to get served, so we talked a bit.  One was really cute.  I didn't really know how to escalate and kind of left the set without really getting anywhere, except that the girls liked me.  I later came back to them asking, "Have you seen my friend?  He's an indian guy."  They said knope, so I told them to let me know if they saw them.

Next set was a one-set that I had seen earlier was a twoset.  I open the seated HB7.  I say something like, "I was going to take your seat, but then saw there was a purse there, so I won't."  She says something.  I say, "Hey, let me ask you something."  Go into a routine about how the bar is movie-themed, so why the heck is there a picture of Frida Kahlo on the wall.  She never heard of her before, so I make fun of her a bit.  Her friend comes back and sits, so I bring her into the convo.  The HB7 says, "She'll know who she is."  I say, "Why's that?"  She says because she's Mexican.  Lol, so now me and her friend are making fun of her.  I say, "What do you mean, you people?"  It was pretty fun.  The friend ended up being a lesbian and I hooked to the point where they told me to bring a chair over.  However, by then the BAS crew was calling, and indeed, there were two right behind me!  So I eject from the twoset and me and the BAS crew hit the clubs.

We basically open every set we play.  At one point we make a game where your wing points out a set and you have to open it.  Tow sets of note: 1.  Opened a girl with a hat.  I say, "Nice hat, I like your style."  I know the first part is AFC, but I recovered.  We talk a bit and I try to elicit values by saying, "I don't want to call you hat girl.  Tell me something about yourself."  It doesn't go very far, though.  I end up seeing her the next night and go, "Heeeyyyyy!  Hat girl!"

Next set of note was a black girl I was trying to get one of the BAS'ers to talk to.  I told him to open her saying, "Heyyyy.  I love your short hair.  Looks really good on you," or some bullshit.  He doesn't want to open her, so I do using that.  It hooks.  I ask what she would think of me with a shaved head.  She says I'd look good.  I tell her we should dance.  She says after she does a shot, I tell her I'll be back.  I was never able to get her to hook after that though.

I had a great night hanging out with fellow seduction apprentices.  It works wonders to go out in a crew.  I am still not at a point where I want to be, but hopefully I am improving.

There were many more sets this night.  Some hooked (the hairdresser who wanted me to take a picture of her crew, the girl with a tatoo whom I spilled a drink on) and some didn't, but I didn't get what I wanted (a solid number from a cool/cute girl).  I will keep it up.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Be a Better Man

It's easy to forget, with all the sarging, that the point of the Pick-up community is to make better men.  We all got into this because we were dissatisfied with our lives.  Sure, we may have been all stars on the X-Box, or A students, or athletes.  But the fact remains that something was missing.  That is why we've sought this community out.

Believe it or not, what was missing from our lives was not a lack of women.  The lack of women was merely a symptom of the overall problem: dissatisfaction with our lives.  There are some things to remember about pick-up that have nothing to do with picking up women.  Yet these basic principles will make us inherently better with women.  They are:

- to be outcome independent.  This does not mean don't have goals.  Goals are very important too.  It simply means that we must be satisfied with our lives as they are (and if not, then to change our lives).  It means that we are self-entertained.  It means that we will do what we are doing anyway because we want to.

- to be value-givers.  Pick-up is about connecting to people.  If you are only talking to women, then you are doing it wrong.  Pick-up is talking to everyone.  Pick-up is brightening everyone's days.  You should be just as charming to the bum on the street as you are to that HB9.

- to set goals for ourselves.  Yes, we are to have goals, even though we are outcome independent.  Trust in the system, just do not have an ulterior motive.

- to be self-content.  The end-game of any pick-up artist is to be content with who we are.  Like I said above, we come to this community because of a dissatisfaction with out lives.  It should be our goal to be completely satisfied with our lives.

- finally, have fun.  It's easy to forget this one.  Sarging is hard.  Talking to strangers is hard.  If you aren't having fun, you're not going to last.  So go out there and have fun.

Hope this helps for you guys.  Remember to set your goals and to have fun.  We are doing this to become better people.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm getting laid

on the reg.  Just thought I'd throw that out there.  I'm not doing this for show.  I'm doing this because I want to help people.  I go out there and I talk to women.  However, I have a fall back.  It's good to always keep one on the burner.  She texts me with, "I really want your dick soon."  This is what we are shooting for.  I want four more girls who do that all the time.  You guys should too.  These are the goals.  You may have your own, but those are mine.

Do not limit yourself with your beliefs.  Just go out there and do you.  If you're not satisfied, CHANGE IT.  Be the change you want to be.  You are the man.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Gym Game

Hit the gym last night.  Noticed some girls checking me out.  This is becoming my gym routine:

 - enter club.  If there's a cute girl behind the desk (you have to check in), flirt with her.  Currently there are two girls I am flirting with.  One is super hot (HB 9) and attractive INSIDE too (lol, choad).  Seriously, though.  I like her in the sense where my game goes out the window because I get so nervous.  However, I have been talking to her and now whenever she sees me, she brightens up and goes "HIII!"  I should get her number somehow.  "Hey, do you like (what)?" [Her Answer].  "Cool, let's do that.  Give me your number and I'll give you a call."

The other girl I am talking to I am less interested in.  She qualifies herself constantly to me.  She's super shy though, but seems like a pretty cool girl.  I should probably get her number.

- Yesterday when I entered the club I saw a chick whom I had seen at the bar Tuesday.  Not sure if it made it into that night's FR, but basically I saw her at the bar all dolled up.  She pretended to hide from me (obviously recognized me from the gym), so I went over there and teased her, flirted and basically just hung out.  She was with a guy, so I said, "Go for it, man," and put them on their way.  LOL, he was so happy to hear that.  Before I got into the community I never wanted guys to hook up with girls.  Now I do.  I want everyone getting laid all the time.

ANYWAY, I see her there and so give her some DHV ("HEEEEEY GIIIIIRRRRL!" *giant smile).  LOL.  I love life, and the game is great.

- After I flirt with the girls at the desk, I go change.  Working out, there's one gay guy who keeps giving me MAJOR proximity IOIs.  Easy guy, not interested.  Dunno how to let them down easy yet.

- Working on the machine, a cute girl comes over and gives me some proximity IOIs.  She's wearing headphones and I'm having a good workout, so I don't open.  Later, she's over by a rest area, just standing there.  However, she keeps her headphones in, so I don't open.  We do share smiles while I pass, though.  I probably should have opened.  That's a sticking point.  Just say, "hi."

- Doing ab exercises, these two girls come straight over to me, then walk past me.  One of them looks right at me like she wants to fuck me.  I don't open them.  FUCK AA.  Just say, "hi."  Give her the "fuck me" eyes.  Or the "I'm gonna fuck you" eyes.  She was really cute and I totally should have opened.  However, gym gaming is sometimes frowned upon.

I think to improve, I at least need to say "hi" to cute girls working out who give me IOIs.  I also need to #close the cutie at the front desk.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


"Always be closing."  Was at the post office for work.  Some cute girl comes in (HB7) huffing and puffing, carrying a box full of mail.  I say, "that looks light."  She smiles and goes, "Oh yeah."  "You're hardly breaking a sweat," I say.  "You don't even need to go to the gym today."  "Nope," she says, "I'm not going today."  "Probably a margarita's better," I say.  She agrees.  This was the point when I should have closed and said, "You know, I was thinking about getting a margarita after work, you should come with me."  Instead, I tell her how I was deciding between a drink tonight and the gym myself, but decided on the gym.

Convo basically died after that.  I made another comment when we were moving in line and she pushed the box with her foot.  ABG, ABC.  Who cares if I got shot down?  I didn't even try.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Week of 9/4/11 (Labor Day) Journal

Have not gone out with the intention of sarging in about a week.  Last time I was out was Tuesday night.  Went to a pizza place and flirted with the bartender a bit.  Was feeling out of state.  Next went to trivia with a mix group of friends.  At the break, went outside and opened a set of HB5s (one of whom thought she was HB8 or higher).  Stayed in set and chatted until done with cigarette I bummed from them.  Went home afterwards.  Last night, went to gym and came straight home.  At the gym this week, I've been flirting with the girl whom I find really attractive.  She's been giving me some serious IOIs (telling me her plans for the weekend unbidden, telling me where she's from without me asking, always smiling a special smile for me and saying, "HEY!"  I've been making an effort to spend time talking to her more and more.  I would like to close with a day 2 at some point.

Saturday I went to the gym with a buddy.  There's a girl there who I flirt with, but am not really interested in.  She gave me a special, non-verbal "hello" when we were there.  Also, the older ladies there really seem to like me and have been giving me special attention.  I've been trying to make eye contact with the girls who workout there with the intent of eventually approaching.

Over the long weekend, I don't think I went out once.  Friday I was at a bar pre-gaming with guy from work. Flirted with waitress.  A fourset came and sat behind me and I should have opened, but I did not.  Then went and played magic/didn't see any girls for the rest of the night.  Saturday I went out with my current number one.  So I got laid, but did not really flirt.  I flirted with my eyes when we went to Boswell's to dance.  Also, we had sex in the back of her car (which was a first for her), so that was fun.  Then we went to her place and fucked like two more times.  Bitch had the nerve to say "I was disappointed we didn't do it in the morning."  lol, stfu.

Thursday I got a little crazy.  I think I wrote about this already though.  Last night, I was walking to Subway with a friend and there were two mixed three-sets sitting outside at starbucks on the way.  I wanted to open them, but didn't.  I was going to ask "why is it so busy here," or "what's going on?  Are you all dancers?"
Yesterday there was a really hot girl coming out of the post office.  We smiled at each other.  I did not open her.  Fuck.

All-in-all, I think I am getting better.  Just need to approach more, be less outcome-dependent, and close.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

8/30/11 Journal

8/30 was a Tuesday night and I went out with Viper from Seddit.  I met him at the Firehouse in downtown San Jose.  He was talking on the phone, so while I was waiting for him I opened a mixed fourset.  They hooked well and I bummed a cigarette from one of them.  They invited us inside to hang with them.

After Vipe got off the phone, we went inside and got ourselves a drink.  Talked to the bartender for a bit, and to the pilot at the bar drinking by himself.  Eventually we decided to hit Farenheit bar.  So off we went, in my car.  Got to Farenheit and it was pretty dead.  Flirt with the pretty bartender and get our drinks.  I see a two set at a table and tell Viper to go open them.  He's AA.  I say, "if you don't, I will."  He goes, "what, right now?"  I say, "yup."  So he goes to open them.  He opens the mail of the group first, and is stuck talking to him when I get over there.  I go straight to the two ladies who are deep in a conversation.  I open with something like, "what are you guys celebrating," or, "is it always so dead in here?"  I don't remember what.  Anyway, we fall into insta-rapport.  They stop what they were saying and both start talking to me.  Viper is lurking to my right the entire time, so eventually I eject.

We go to Tres next because it's two dollar Tuesday.  Vipe is buying me drinks.  We open a two-set at the bar.  I think it goes nowhere.  I'm probably a little drunk at this point.  Full disclosure: before meeting up with ViperV I drank a pitcher with my boss.  As in, one pitcher just for me.  And a pint.  Plus the drink at Firehouse and one at Farenheit.  So yeah, I was probably drunk.  First thing we do is hit the bathroom.  I tip the guy.  Then we get a drink and open the set at the bar.  Again, I am carrying the conversational weight and get bored.  We move outside.  Start talking to a lesbian couple.  It's someone's birthday.  Talking to everyone.  A two-set appears and I steal a smoke.  Open them.  We're in set.  The lesbians return.  Open them too.  We are now a six set.  Start talking to guys at a table.  They leave at one point and give me a full drink.  SCORE!  So here we are, in the middle of a big set, the lives of the party.  Eventually, ViperV has to go so I drive him back to his car.

After I drop him off I go back out to the bars.  This was probably a mistake, but GD, I had fun.