Monday, September 19, 2011

Be a Better Man

It's easy to forget, with all the sarging, that the point of the Pick-up community is to make better men.  We all got into this because we were dissatisfied with our lives.  Sure, we may have been all stars on the X-Box, or A students, or athletes.  But the fact remains that something was missing.  That is why we've sought this community out.

Believe it or not, what was missing from our lives was not a lack of women.  The lack of women was merely a symptom of the overall problem: dissatisfaction with our lives.  There are some things to remember about pick-up that have nothing to do with picking up women.  Yet these basic principles will make us inherently better with women.  They are:

- to be outcome independent.  This does not mean don't have goals.  Goals are very important too.  It simply means that we must be satisfied with our lives as they are (and if not, then to change our lives).  It means that we are self-entertained.  It means that we will do what we are doing anyway because we want to.

- to be value-givers.  Pick-up is about connecting to people.  If you are only talking to women, then you are doing it wrong.  Pick-up is talking to everyone.  Pick-up is brightening everyone's days.  You should be just as charming to the bum on the street as you are to that HB9.

- to set goals for ourselves.  Yes, we are to have goals, even though we are outcome independent.  Trust in the system, just do not have an ulterior motive.

- to be self-content.  The end-game of any pick-up artist is to be content with who we are.  Like I said above, we come to this community because of a dissatisfaction with out lives.  It should be our goal to be completely satisfied with our lives.

- finally, have fun.  It's easy to forget this one.  Sarging is hard.  Talking to strangers is hard.  If you aren't having fun, you're not going to last.  So go out there and have fun.

Hope this helps for you guys.  Remember to set your goals and to have fun.  We are doing this to become better people.

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