Thursday, September 8, 2011

Week of 9/4/11 (Labor Day) Journal

Have not gone out with the intention of sarging in about a week.  Last time I was out was Tuesday night.  Went to a pizza place and flirted with the bartender a bit.  Was feeling out of state.  Next went to trivia with a mix group of friends.  At the break, went outside and opened a set of HB5s (one of whom thought she was HB8 or higher).  Stayed in set and chatted until done with cigarette I bummed from them.  Went home afterwards.  Last night, went to gym and came straight home.  At the gym this week, I've been flirting with the girl whom I find really attractive.  She's been giving me some serious IOIs (telling me her plans for the weekend unbidden, telling me where she's from without me asking, always smiling a special smile for me and saying, "HEY!"  I've been making an effort to spend time talking to her more and more.  I would like to close with a day 2 at some point.

Saturday I went to the gym with a buddy.  There's a girl there who I flirt with, but am not really interested in.  She gave me a special, non-verbal "hello" when we were there.  Also, the older ladies there really seem to like me and have been giving me special attention.  I've been trying to make eye contact with the girls who workout there with the intent of eventually approaching.

Over the long weekend, I don't think I went out once.  Friday I was at a bar pre-gaming with guy from work. Flirted with waitress.  A fourset came and sat behind me and I should have opened, but I did not.  Then went and played magic/didn't see any girls for the rest of the night.  Saturday I went out with my current number one.  So I got laid, but did not really flirt.  I flirted with my eyes when we went to Boswell's to dance.  Also, we had sex in the back of her car (which was a first for her), so that was fun.  Then we went to her place and fucked like two more times.  Bitch had the nerve to say "I was disappointed we didn't do it in the morning."  lol, stfu.

Thursday I got a little crazy.  I think I wrote about this already though.  Last night, I was walking to Subway with a friend and there were two mixed three-sets sitting outside at starbucks on the way.  I wanted to open them, but didn't.  I was going to ask "why is it so busy here," or "what's going on?  Are you all dancers?"
Yesterday there was a really hot girl coming out of the post office.  We smiled at each other.  I did not open her.  Fuck.

All-in-all, I think I am getting better.  Just need to approach more, be less outcome-dependent, and close.

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