Thursday, September 1, 2011

8/30/11 Journal

8/30 was a Tuesday night and I went out with Viper from Seddit.  I met him at the Firehouse in downtown San Jose.  He was talking on the phone, so while I was waiting for him I opened a mixed fourset.  They hooked well and I bummed a cigarette from one of them.  They invited us inside to hang with them.

After Vipe got off the phone, we went inside and got ourselves a drink.  Talked to the bartender for a bit, and to the pilot at the bar drinking by himself.  Eventually we decided to hit Farenheit bar.  So off we went, in my car.  Got to Farenheit and it was pretty dead.  Flirt with the pretty bartender and get our drinks.  I see a two set at a table and tell Viper to go open them.  He's AA.  I say, "if you don't, I will."  He goes, "what, right now?"  I say, "yup."  So he goes to open them.  He opens the mail of the group first, and is stuck talking to him when I get over there.  I go straight to the two ladies who are deep in a conversation.  I open with something like, "what are you guys celebrating," or, "is it always so dead in here?"  I don't remember what.  Anyway, we fall into insta-rapport.  They stop what they were saying and both start talking to me.  Viper is lurking to my right the entire time, so eventually I eject.

We go to Tres next because it's two dollar Tuesday.  Vipe is buying me drinks.  We open a two-set at the bar.  I think it goes nowhere.  I'm probably a little drunk at this point.  Full disclosure: before meeting up with ViperV I drank a pitcher with my boss.  As in, one pitcher just for me.  And a pint.  Plus the drink at Firehouse and one at Farenheit.  So yeah, I was probably drunk.  First thing we do is hit the bathroom.  I tip the guy.  Then we get a drink and open the set at the bar.  Again, I am carrying the conversational weight and get bored.  We move outside.  Start talking to a lesbian couple.  It's someone's birthday.  Talking to everyone.  A two-set appears and I steal a smoke.  Open them.  We're in set.  The lesbians return.  Open them too.  We are now a six set.  Start talking to guys at a table.  They leave at one point and give me a full drink.  SCORE!  So here we are, in the middle of a big set, the lives of the party.  Eventually, ViperV has to go so I drive him back to his car.

After I drop him off I go back out to the bars.  This was probably a mistake, but GD, I had fun.

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