Friday, August 26, 2011

What is "Gaming?"

The other day, I made a post on Seddit called "ABG = Always Be Gaming."  There was a little confusion as to what I meant.  Here is what I meant.

Gaming, to me, is not something you do out in the club, or at a bar.  Rather, the aim of the game is for self-transformation.  Some have called it "mansformation."  Others call it "inner game."  At least one news show in the San Francisco area calls pick-up bootcamps "geek class."  So what is "game?"

Game is the development of self.  We all come to the game because we are either crap with women (most likely), or need a boost to get better (less likely).  Through the game, we learn tricks on how to get over our AA and approach women, openers used so we have something to say, routines to stack so we can talk to women, and gambits in order to help us grow the balls to kiss them.  The game teaches us of attraction switches and AMOG techniques.  Basically, what we are learning is how to become "natural."

There is a natural progression in the game.  One goes from using all the tricks in the book, to slowly weening off of the generic ones and making ones for yourself, to never using them again.  We all start off as chodes, then through our mansformation become alpha and learn how to act in everyday life.  What the game does is give us confidence and teaches us how to become better with women and men alike.  Basically, it teaches us to be better social human beings.

What does all this mean?  It means the game does not begin when you walk in the club and does not end when you walk out.  The game is something to be internalized.  Abundance mentality and assuming attraction is stuff that should happen to you all the time.  You shouldn't have to put on a particular shirt or use a particular routine to become "alpha."  Rather, you should already be "alpha" all the time.  By creating a better YOU, you make yourself the player.  And if YOU ARE THE PLAYER, it means you cannot turn him off.  It means you are gaming from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep.  It is not being sleezy, it is simply being the best you possible and making others around you feel great.  That is not something that can end.

"But NLA," they say, "I can't game at work!"  Fuck that noise.  You are allowed to be charming 100% of the time.  You are allowed to give value to everyone you meet.  You are allowed to have great body language every waking minute of your life.  If you are not doing these things always, if you are not making eye contact with and talking to everyone you meet, then you are doing it wrong.  The best way to game is to internalize it and carry it with you through life.  It means you are always practicing.  People who always practice get better quicker than people who never do.  So practice!  Be the game.  ABG.

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