Thursday, August 11, 2011

8/11/11 Journal

Went out last night with the boss.  He is an AMOG and usually makes a bad wing, but the dude can talk to people and he buys the beers.  We get to the bar and there's no where to sit.  We stand outside for a minute, then see two seats at the very end of the bar.  We go down there and sit.  There is a really cute Asian girl sitting there working with a calendar.  I say, "No homework at the bar."  She smiles and says she's not doing homework, but making a schedule.  I ask her for Monday off.  We riff some and my boss chimes in.  Come to find out she's a teacher.

So this leads into a conversation thread from my boss, just talking.  I add in stuff every so often.  She asks what we do and I say "lighter repairmen."  She gives me a funny look.  My boss says, "we're attorneys."  She's hooked.  After this point I go C-F.  I cold read her as an English teacher, I riff on her a little bit.  But when it's time to go, I don't number close.  Must improve that.

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