Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8/24/11 Reflection

I've been taking it easy this week.  Went out Saturday and had a great time.  Hit up DTSJ with my friend from work and just killed it at the bar.  #closed two girls, met a burgeoning PUA, made friends with the bouncer, and the bartender bought me a drink.  It was rely a tour du force of PUA.  Of course, I was pretty drunk by the end, but hopefully I can carry some of that momentum with me in the coming days.

Sunday I worked out and hung with a friend, so no gaming.  However, I did use my social skills to get him in for free (when he would usually have to pay $10).  Monday I went to the gym, talked to the girl I like there a little bit, noticed some wayward glances my way, then went home and did laundry.  Tuesday I worked late, went to a bar with cheap food to eat and flirted with the girl who works there, then went to play trivia.  Flirted a little with the bartender at trivia.  Went home even though wings were going out.

For some reason, I really don't feel like going out this week.  Plus I am pretty broke, so that puts a dampen on things.  I am having fun though, and waking up feeling refreshed and recharged.  I am a little down because on Monday I texted one of my number closes and got no response.  Perhaps I will call her this weekend using some of the methods suggested by the ABCs of Attraction guys (who just did a AMA on seddit).

Friday I am thinking about going to SF to sarge with Vince Kelvin.  Have not decided yet, though.  Can probably only go out one day this week.  Saturday I will sell some law books and hopefully make it to the next pay check.

CHECK IN:  Goals are going well.  Although the house is still a mess, I number-closed two girls last week and had tons of solid sets.  I am talking to everyone and being more sociable.  My inner game is making strides and I feel confident and self-fulfilled.  I am improving :)

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