Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thursday Night Last

Thursday night went out with the BAS crew.  We only had four show up, but a crew is a crew.  We met up at a dive bar to pregame it.  I got there first and didn't see many options.  There was a twoset at the bar who I opened with, "I'm not trying to take your seat, just ordering a drink."  They smiled and I played with them a little bit before I got served.  It took forever to get served, so we talked a bit.  One was really cute.  I didn't really know how to escalate and kind of left the set without really getting anywhere, except that the girls liked me.  I later came back to them asking, "Have you seen my friend?  He's an indian guy."  They said knope, so I told them to let me know if they saw them.

Next set was a one-set that I had seen earlier was a twoset.  I open the seated HB7.  I say something like, "I was going to take your seat, but then saw there was a purse there, so I won't."  She says something.  I say, "Hey, let me ask you something."  Go into a routine about how the bar is movie-themed, so why the heck is there a picture of Frida Kahlo on the wall.  She never heard of her before, so I make fun of her a bit.  Her friend comes back and sits, so I bring her into the convo.  The HB7 says, "She'll know who she is."  I say, "Why's that?"  She says because she's Mexican.  Lol, so now me and her friend are making fun of her.  I say, "What do you mean, you people?"  It was pretty fun.  The friend ended up being a lesbian and I hooked to the point where they told me to bring a chair over.  However, by then the BAS crew was calling, and indeed, there were two right behind me!  So I eject from the twoset and me and the BAS crew hit the clubs.

We basically open every set we play.  At one point we make a game where your wing points out a set and you have to open it.  Tow sets of note: 1.  Opened a girl with a hat.  I say, "Nice hat, I like your style."  I know the first part is AFC, but I recovered.  We talk a bit and I try to elicit values by saying, "I don't want to call you hat girl.  Tell me something about yourself."  It doesn't go very far, though.  I end up seeing her the next night and go, "Heeeyyyyy!  Hat girl!"

Next set of note was a black girl I was trying to get one of the BAS'ers to talk to.  I told him to open her saying, "Heyyyy.  I love your short hair.  Looks really good on you," or some bullshit.  He doesn't want to open her, so I do using that.  It hooks.  I ask what she would think of me with a shaved head.  She says I'd look good.  I tell her we should dance.  She says after she does a shot, I tell her I'll be back.  I was never able to get her to hook after that though.

I had a great night hanging out with fellow seduction apprentices.  It works wonders to go out in a crew.  I am still not at a point where I want to be, but hopefully I am improving.

There were many more sets this night.  Some hooked (the hairdresser who wanted me to take a picture of her crew, the girl with a tatoo whom I spilled a drink on) and some didn't, but I didn't get what I wanted (a solid number from a cool/cute girl).  I will keep it up.

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