Thursday, September 29, 2011

9/23/11 FR

Have not been going out as much because I've been focusing on other things.  However, I did go out last Friday and I'll post a short FR here.

Started as most Fridays have, with me heading to drinks with coworkers.  We've been hitting the same bar consistently, so I've developed some good relationships there with the regulars and the staff.  I cannot stress enough how important social game is to your overall game.  Remember that getting better with women is just a by-product of you becoming a better person overall.

So, we're at the bar and having some drinks.  I'm in a suit from a hearing earlier in the day.  I feel uncomfortable at first, but just own it and become comfortable.  I'm talking to people and enjoying myself.  At some point, it's time to go, so I head over to my "home bar."  I'm still in my suit, but make the best of it and open some sets.  After one drink, it's time to go home and get changed.  I'm meeting some friends at midnight, so I go home, get changed and head back to the bar.  When I reopen sets, they notice I've changed, but I play it off as funny.  One set in particular I hook real well.  It's a mixed set so I say, "You guys are fun, I'm hanging out with you tonight."  I keep going back to them and they are really receptive.  None of the girls are 9s or 10s (hey, it's San Jose), but I have fun anyway.

Eventually, midnight rolls around and I've got to go meet my friends, so I say my goodbyes and head out.  I was completely outcome independent tonight and my sets benefited from it.  I went out just thinking that I'd have a good time, and I did.  The sets I talked to were fun and receptive.

The rest of the week, I've been working on inner game.  I'm trying to become a better value-giver, as well as non-reactive.  I want people to want to be around me.  I want to be able to look at a girl and build attraction without saying a word.  I think it's been going well because I've been having some positive experiences during the week.  For instance, I was out Tuesday and had some really good interaction with a couple of hired guns. Great eye contact and smiles, to the exclusion of others.

Every once in a while it's nice to step back and work on your inner game.  Tonight we go out with the San Jose crew.

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