Monday, October 3, 2011

11 Points

I've been listening to old episodes of the pickup podcast (which is gold, by the way. Do yourself and a favor and listen to them. ALL of them) and heard one that interviewed Orleans of Vin DiCarlo's program (link). On the show, he talked about 11 points/affirmations that he feels are essential to the game. I now share them with you. But, I highly recommend you listen to the podcast (linked above).
  1. You are ok right now. You are the Value.
  2. You are comfortable in a position of leadership
  3. You are comfortable with your sexuality
  4. You have vision, goals and passions outside of meeting women
  5. You bring positive energy to all interactions
  6. You are unattached to outcomes. You are in the Now. Just Slow Down.
  7. You are interested in others. You are curious.
  8. You are playful, fun, exciting, interesting, and magnetic.
  9. You are comfortable in social situations
  10. You have a deep knowingness that women want you.
  11. You have strict rules that you do and do not accept from others.

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