Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Couple of Sets from Saturday

1.  Open a fourset.  I open the cutest girl of the group.  Find out she's Colombian.  They are all Colombian, except for the one who seems to be the leader.  I talk to her for a bit because her English is the best.  I keep going back to the Colombian girl to get her talking.  I guess I could've escalated better.  Eventually, the set is dragged off by a friend who's found a table in the back.  I awkwardly eject instead of giving them a chance to invite me.

2.  Outside, some chick comes by and asks for a cigarette.  Her tits are fantastic.  She has the thinnest cigarette ever so I ask her if she's a 40 y/o mother of three.  She gets offended.  I say, "the only reason I can joke with you about that is because you're 23."  She hooks right away.  She says she just turned 30.  I say, "Me too!" and high five.  It's going well and we're talking, but when I say, "where are your girls?," she runs away to find them.  Whoops.

3.  Talk to a seated twoset.  Doesn't get very far.  One girl says "check you later!" with the gun motion from Dazed and Confused.  I want to reference but can't remember what I want to say.  Tell her I'll be back when I remember.  Remember and go back saying to her, "all right, all right, all right."

4.  Talk to twoset at the bar.  REALLY hard to break into.  Focus on the blonde who seems most open, but really want to talk to brunette.  Eventually brunette opens up.  Says she's moving to NY.  I ask where and she says lower east side.  I ask if she's rich.  She says, "No, but my fiance....well, not actually my fiancee."  I make fun of her mercilessly for this.  We talk a bit about NYC, but it's a weird set.  The blonde doesn't seem that interested, and I am really interested in the brunette, but if she's moving in with a guy, I couldn't do that.  So I talk for a bit more and eject.

5.  Head over to the 100 sets link for this number close.

6.  There's a booth open at McTeague's.  See two girls racing to it.  I race to it.  Make it look like I was heading there.  Give them some shit.  They invite me to sit.  I oblige.  We talk some.  I run out of steam or something (tends to happen a bunch, not sure if it's my own mental block or what) and eject out of the booth.

7.  Another fun one.  Talking to some people about the back patio of this one place.  They say there's a place to sit back there and the guy goes, "Shit, maybe I shouldn't have told you."  The girl splits to start going back there and I say, "OOOoooooh.  I'm getting there first."  I start chasing her.  She moves quicker.  In the dining room I say, "EXCUSE ME!" and attempt to pass her, but she's faster.  When we get back there she finds two open tables and says, "I guess we're all going to have to hang out together now," or something similar.  We talk a bit.  She was a fun/hot girl in a group full of guys.  Always a bit awkward/intimidating.

8.  Last bar of the night.  Bartender asks me what I want.  I tell her to make me her best drink.  She says, "that's a lot of pressure."  I say, "I like vodka."  She makes something with Absolut Citron and Drambouie.  Says it tastes like rainbow shirbert.  Holy shit it does.

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