Friday, October 7, 2011

Solo FR -- In Depth

This is going to be long.  I'll try to split it up by lessons/takeaways.

Lesson 1 -- Your state is unaffected by those things outside of your control

Was supposed to go to a concert last night.  I go out to my car, and I have a flat tire.  All the way flat.  Didn't notice until I started driving towards the show.  I make a detour to the nearest gas station and attempt to put air in.  I have a hole.  I drive it back home and get a jack (took me a while to find one) and tire iron.  I attempt to remove the lug nuts.  No go.  Fuck.  By now it's already an hour past when I should have left, and it would be at least another hour to get help to fix the tire, so I say "fuck it" and head out.

Lesson 2 -- You are the party.

As I'm headed downtown, I remember that there is a zombie crawl tonight.  I look up the info on my smart phone and see that the next bar they are hitting is my local drinking establishment.  I also have a girl friend visiting from out of town, so I text her and make tentative plans to see her later.

I get to the bar and there are a couple of zombies in there.  I know the people who work here, so I say hello to them and build up some value.  I get my drink and head outside.  It took me a while to get into state.  I had some AA going on.  I'm standing out there and I saw a threeset as soon as I went out there.  I noticed they weren't dressed as zombies.  I had my opener.  Just took me five minutes or more to open them.  But I do.  They seem like they're all moms and they hook right away.  They love me.  One is applying heavy kino to me.  We're talking.  They finish they're cigarettes, but I am still in conversation with one of them so they wait for me to finish before leaving.  They say they're going dancing and that I should come.  I never feel comfortable following girls to the dance floor so I say I'll see them later.  I count to ten and head inside.  I drop my drink off and head to the atm.

Lesson 3 -- Join the Party

I reenter the bar after hitting the atm.  While in line there are people taking payments for the zombie crawl.  I'm talking with them because I talk to everybody.  They rope me into giving a $3 donation so I can get a wrist band and a piece of green tape that says I'm infected/part of the group.  This piece of tape was actually amazing because 1. it allowed me to look like I knew the group/what was going on and 2. it was a great conversation starter.

I get in.  First set I see is two girls dancing.  They look good.  I say, "You guys are infected."  One goes, "huh? oh yeah."  I say, "Well, I don't want what you have, so stay away."  Then one of them bites me.  On the neck.  It was sexy.  Why didn't I kiss her?

Open a girl who gives a drink to a guy.  He flips her off.  I say, "You two must be great friends."  She says, "Who is that guy."  We laugh and talk.

Outside there is a fire-juggler.  I go out and watch him.  I text my friend to meet me.

Lesson 4 -- Sometimes the Best Game is Simply Being Prepared to be Lucky

Go inside.  A girl stands next to me to take a picture of her group.  I say, "You should get in."  She says, "no."  I persist.  She eventually does and the pic comes out great.  When she comes back to get her camera, she kinos me.  It's on.  I reopen her.  We talk about stuff.  She's cute.  I'm liking her.  My friend comes in at this point and stands there awkardly.  I say hello to her and give her a hug.  We'll call her "Cheryl."  The gal I'm talking to says her name is Cheryl too.  She takes out her ID to prove it.  I make fun of her.  My friend leaves.  i talk to Cheryl more.  It's time for me to leave.  I tell Cheryl I'll see her at the next bar.

I chase my friend, grab her, and we move on to the next bar.  It's a gay bar.  It's fine, lots of cute girls.  Find out, my friend is a terrible wing women.  I go outside to smoke.  Some threeset (one girl) is signing along to backstreet boys.  I say, "you guys should form a band."  The girl says they should make videos.  I agree and say I'd watch it.  "I might not give you guys a thumbs up, but I'd watch."  Then I tell the girl that she looks like a planner and needs to make it happen.  I high-five her and move inside to find my friend.  We make our way to the exit and I send her on her way while I hit the next bar.

Lesson 5 -- Talk to Everybody

On my way to the other bar, I talk to everybody.  I'm passing a place and hear music.  I go in for a drink to listen to the music.  By the time I get my drink the music is over.  I harass a band a little bit about that and get along well.  Go outside.  See a girl I met last weekend and was talking with about herpes (lol).  She's all right, but her friend's hot.  Unfortunately, her friend's hanging off of some guy.  I get her number and go to the next bar.

There's a line for this one.  While waiting in line I talk to everyone.  The guys behind me ask me to take a picture of them.  I do.  I take three.  Last one was fantastic.  A girl photobombed, though.  I make fun of her for that.  Then she's taking a picture, so I photobomb that.  Then I'm talking to the two girls in front of me.  One asks for a light or something.  I tell them I'm going to take a picture with them.  I do.  Somehow I get to talking to the girl in the picture.  We get to talking about her breasts.  She says they're her best feature and are all real.  I touch them.  She doesn't mind and keeps talking about them.  I cup them.  I tell her she has great tits.  She says her nipples are even better.  God, why wasn't I fucking this girl?  Why aren't I fucking her right now?

Eventually I get in the bar.  After some rigormoroll, I find myself in the back.  It's either hang by myself or open a set.  I open a seated threeset in the corner (two girls).  I say, "You guys look cool, so I'm just gonna hang with you."  They're passing around a blunt.  It goes to me and I puff.  The guy is giving me major DHVs. The girl to my left tells me to take a seat.  I tell them I'll brb.  I go to the bathroom and see a line.  Coming back in, I see a guy standing by himself.  He's all down on himself, so I tell him to get the fuck over it and talk to people.  I psyche him up a little and go back to the table.  I take a seat and sit down.  I say, "well, I'm back."  I talk to them for a bit until it's time to go.

I'm literally on my way out the door when I see Cheryl from earlier.  She's in a group of three guys.  I open all the guys like I know them.  I actually thought they were sedditors.  The girl bounces me outside.  We're iso'd. I kino escalate.  I'm digging her, she's digging me.  At this point I'm stoned and a little drunk.  I keep her attention, but eventually she goes to the bathroom with friends.  Rather than wait around, I just go home.

All in all a good - great night.  I would've liked to have kissed the girl who bit my neck, made out with the girl whose tits I grabbed and gotten Cheryl's number.  But hey, I'm learning.  And thinking about last night, I'm making progress.

Keep at it, playa.

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