Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10/22/11 FR

Went out to the city dressed like a boss.  Picture Don Draper.  Before I even get to the venue, I'm opened by a twoset.  "I like your hat, can my friend try it on?"  I walk over and place my hat on the cute friend.  I'm talking to these girls for a bit, but fail to escalate.  The convo isn't really going anywhere, so I eject.

Get to the venue and see two people outside whom I don't know, but know are at the same party.  Open them and introduce myself.  Head into the club.  The party is upstairs, so I get a drink downstairs to collect myself.  I go upstairs and there's some crazy shit going on with a stripper pole.  I walk through the crowd because I want no part of it.  I go to a table that has cookies and eat them.  There are some interestingly carved pumpkins.  I take pictures of them.  I then walk around a little bit, lost because I don't know anyone (with a little AA).  I open a guy standing alone.  I eject before I get into a too-long conversation.  I open someone else.  While talking to him a girl comes over (she's pretty cute).  I talk to the girl for a bit.  She has some major cleavage.  I say, "sorry, it's hard to talk to you in that dress."  She blushes.  I take my hankerchief out of my pocket and cover her cleavage.  "Much better," I say.  This girl introduces me to some people.  One of these people knows another girl who comes over.  This girl invites us to a new venue spot.  We bounce.

At the venue spot, this new girl tells me to order her a water.  She gives me shit.  Comes back for her water and I tell her I forgot.  I then get the water, take a sip and bring it to her saying, "I checked it for poison."  Thinking back I should have taken it to her then just taken a big sip i/f/o her before handing it off.  I'm talking to people later and she tries to but in so I ignore her.  I think this scores me points.

I bounce to the original venue where party is still going strong.  I see a girl outside and talk to her for a minute.  She heads in first, then I head in.  This one girl is giving me eyes, but I'm talking to someone and still not confident enough to capitalize.  She later opens me and is really cool to talk to, but I blow it some how and eject.  I find the girl from outside and say, "let's go smoke."  She complies and takes two of her friends with her.  I ISO her outside and we're talking.  I don't ramp up kino like I should and don't make an obvious number close.  She bounces and I return inside where there are two other aPUAs.  I tell them I want to bounce and they agree, so I drive us all to the new spot.

At the new spot, I open this girl and she hooks right away.  She loves my hat.  Wants to try it on.  Tries to take it and I say "ah, ah, ah," and put it on her.  "It's sweaty," she says.  I say, "yup."  Talk to her for a bit.  "Why are you so happy?" I say.  "Because I'm drunk," she says.  Talk to her some more and my wing comes over.  Leave them to it and go to bar.  Come back and my wing is still in set so I reopen.  There is a really hot girl there so I start talking to her.  As I'm talking to her, the original girl from the group puts my hat on this new girl.  We're talking and she's vibing.  I don't kino escalate (sticking point found), but she is giving me really good bl and keeps sending off her friends who come to get her.  I go for the number close but she's hesitant and says she'll take mine.  I give her mine phone and tell her to put her name in.  She does.  I tell her to put her number in and she says she'll text me.  Oh well, fail.

Go outside.  Some girl opens me with a whacky opinion opener.  I talk to her friend.  Get her number.  At some point I was talking about her boobs and how nice they were.  We're going out Friday.

Pros: Social proof, talking to everyone, peacocking works.

Cons: need more physical game

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