Sunday, October 30, 2011

[FR] 10/29/11 - Halloween Weekend

Went out last night with some BAS'ers and had a blast.  We all piled into one car and drove up to San Francisco.  The bars were PACKED and the streets were overflowing.

Beginning Getting into state.

We walk into the usual spot and the place is already packed.  Just people everywhere.  I'm a little out of it, so I just sort of wade in.  I walk to the back, get a drink, then start walking towards the front again.  I say "fuck AA," and open a cute flapper.  The set goes well, but I feel like she's tolerating me more than just talking to me.  We're role playing a little bit about how we're going to Charleston together and about the secret password to get into this prohibition bar.  I don't escalate though, and eventually she's off to find her friends.  Lesson 1: Escalate.

Next set of note are some girls dressed as KISS.  They've got the whole group and at least three of them are hot.  I'm talking to the cutest one.  She's got some red wine she pulls out of her purse.  We're vibing a bit and she's telling me about all the costumes.  These girls are a little wild and in their own reality, so eventually I just let them go.

The Middle On opening sets.

We head back to the original bar and it is a shitstorm.  Eventually find IMKumarYo.  Haven't seen him in a bit, so we're chatting.  In the corner of my eye, I see a hot girl who opened me as I walked in the bar so I go and reopen her.  She's not that receptive to me, so I talk to her cute friend.  She's dressed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland, so I give her some shit for it.  The whole night I would make awful guesses on the most obvious costumes.  It was a blast.  While I'm talking to Alice, these guys apparently keep trying to blow me out.  I think one said "nice try," but I wasn't getting out of state and paying them no attention.  Kumar comes over and regulates like a boss.  He's pissed and it's great to see him step up.  I leave the set because the logistics are fucking horrid.

So I'm walking away and Kumar, asshole that he is, throws me into a set.  Two girls are walking by and he does the "sunshine of my life" opener.  One of the girls wanders off, but the other stays to talk to me.  I give her shit for her non-cosutme and she's eating it up saying she's "anti-Halloween."  I mess with her a bit, but it's not going anywhere, so I let her float away.

Head outside and I'm just chilling when I see an HB9 dressed as Daisy Duke.  No way I'm gonna let her get away.  I go straight up and say, "Daisy Duke?  I just had to come over here and talk to you.  I have to admit, I'm a bit turned on right now."  Lol, everything went better than expected.  We're vibing, but I don't really know how to escalate.  We're on the street and she's surrounded by her friends.  I try to bounce her inside, but it's not working.  Eventually I turn my back on the set and out comes Kumar and fucking introduces me to Daisy Duke's friend who I am now in set with.  She's a cutey and we're vibing, but it feels disingenuous to escalate with her after telling her friend how fucking cute I thought she was.  So they eventually disappear.

The End

It's towards the end of the night and we're all opening sets left and right.  There's this HB9 in a purple top (no costume) who is fucking smoking hot, so I go talk to her.  I think some guy was trying to chat her up, but I just come barging in.  I open with "I love your costume."  Then I tell her to put a hand over her eye, which she does.  I put a horn on top of her head and tell her she's a One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People Eater.  LOL.  She's loving it.  We're vibing.  For some reason though, the guy who I stole the set from WILL NOT LEAVE.  Even though she's clearly into me, he's just standing there.  I probably should've just pulled her elsewhere.  Lesson 2 When in doubt, go for the bounce.

Tons more sets, but I'll skip to the good stuff now.  We're walking to the car, opening sets as we go.  Me and another sedditor get too far ahead of the group, so we walk back.  On the way back I see the mother-fucking Khaleesi, dragons and all.  So I fucking open her.  I point at her.  "Khaleesi."  "YES!" she says, and she's obviously happy I recognized her costume.  She was with a guy, but at one point he splits and she stays.  Lesson 3 Never assume the girl is with the guy.  Open her anyway.

Sets going real well.  I tell her we should "get coffee sometime and talk about Game of Thrones."  LOL, I swear sometimes the stupidest stuff works.  She says "Maybe."  So I say, "Ima take out my phone and put your name in.   By the time I'm done, you decide."  "That's fair," she says.  I take out my phone and put her name in (which I got earlier).  Then I hand it to her and say, "here."  She puts her number in.  I talk a little bit more (I never like leaving straight after the #close) and say goodbye.  She's still standing there, so I kiss her on the cheek.  She seems receptive to that and sort of moved her lips so that they were close to mine.  So I kiss her.  Boom, makeout.

So that was my night.  Thanks to the guys from BAS for helping to make it happen and for being master openers.  We'll do it again soon.

Final Takeaway Sometimes you just have to go for it.  Keep at it my dudes, and sarge well.

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