Tuesday, November 1, 2011

10/31/11 FR -- Halloween Salsa

Some nights you go out and everything is working.  Some nights you come home with your dick in your hand.  As a preamble, I DID NOT feel like going out.  But fuck it, it's salsa night, I need the lesson, I've been putting it off, and I should sarge.  I forced myself out.  Couple of thoughts from my night.

Went out to a salsa lesson after work.  Came home, got changed, then went out.  Lesson started at 9:00, but I got there a little early.  As I am walking in out of my car, I see two chicks dressed as referees.  So I open them.  "Hold on, now.  Illegal use of the crosswalk," or some bullshit.  Then we start talking about whistles and I start messing with them.  One is an HB 8 and one an HB 7 with huge bizonkadonks.  Come to find out, they're going to the same place.

I walk in with these two hot girls.  Now it's on.  Apparently there's a $5 cover, but I don't pay.  Once inside, the girls go to order a shot.  I go to the other end of the bar where I see lonely HB8.  I go and open her.  Don't remember what was said.  She was wearing a tie.  We start talking about that.  It's all fucked up, so I take it from her and tie it for her from the back.  Problem is, it's my first time doing that and I suck at it.  So I take it off of her head, put it on my neck, tie it right, hand it back to her.  Order my drink.  Rapport with the bartender ("you've been here before, right?").  Tell the bartender I heard a rumor that you get free champagne on your birthday.  She says no, but you get a free mojito.  I tell her I'll take it, but she says it can't be the one I just ordered.  "OK," I say, "next one."

Salsa Lesson ensues.  Nothing to see here.  I talk to all the girls and establish early rapport.  It's a lot like speed dating (lesson to be found somewhere.  Not sure where).

After salsa, the band comes on.  I find the HB8 ref and ask her if she wants to practice (salsa).  She says yes, so we dance.  After, I find an HB7 asian girl I danced with earlier and dance with her.  Then she bounces me to the hip hop side of the club and we dance with her two friends (HB6s).  It's weird because they're a group, but HB7 is showing me attraction.  I try to dance with all of them.  One of the HB6s bounces me to the other side for more salsa and the friends follow.  But I lose her in the process.

At some point, HB8 in the tie tells me my cigarette smell "smells good."  I tell her I will find her the next time I go out to smoke.  See her later and bounce her to the outside patio area.  We sit and smoke.  Establish rapport (talking about her job, places I've been, difference between CA and east coast).  I should note that when we first got out there, there was a two-seater.  She did not sit down right away.  I did.  Gave her a minute, then said, "sit."  She does.  We talk.  I establish kino (touch her leg, her arm.  I feel like a buffoon as my kino has no real purpose.  I am just touching her to touch her).  At one point, she says she likes the songs that we can hear coming from the hip hop room.  I tell her that we will go in and dance after our cigarettes.  While we are talking, she is constantly looking around.  A mixed two-set comes in and sits next to us.  She opens Wonder Woman (whom I had opened previously) with, "I love your costume."  I establish dominance and start talking to them before bringing it back to her.  She says, "I love this song."  We go dance.

Side note: I am keeping my FR short.  There are so many small interactions that it is hard to report them all.  For instance, we can hear the sounds coming from the hip hop room this whole time.  When we first walk in, a song comes on and she says she loves it.  I am sitting and she is standing.  I say, "Is this song [X]?" (don't remember what it is).  She says "yeah.  How'd you know that?"  Then she takes off her shoes and sits next to me.  If I report every detail, then this will become unweildly.  So if you have questions, need more in depth, ask.

Enter physical game:  We go into the hip hop room.  I take the lead to the middle of the dance floor and start dancing like I don't give a fuck.  She joins me.  It gets physical fast.  I am grabbing her hips.  I grind her.  We are coming together then going apart.  At one point I slap her ass.  Another time I put my arm around her shoulder and onto her chest.  She removes it.  I move my hands on her hips.  At some point I think, "OK, kiss her."  I don't.

It all ends pretty quickly after that.  She says, "Let's go back."  I say, "huh?"  And she says, "well, I'm going back, you can stay."  I say, "let's go."  We walk to the other part of the club and she says, "OK, thanks for the cigarette" and disappears into the crowd.  fml.


  • Salsa lessons are great.
  • If you think you should go for the kiss close, you should.
  • ABC.
  • Get better at physical game

in the hip hop room so I bounce her there.  Enter sexy dancing.  I establish kino early.  We are grinding, my hands are roaming.  I enter physical game, which I am working on.  However, I do not escalate to the kiss.  I get the feeling at one point that we should kiss (I was getting plenty of IOIs, i.e., her not leaving, I smacked her ass and she did not recoil, we were grinding), but I didn't fucking close.

Lessons I've got to become better at physical game.

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