Monday, November 21, 2011

[LR] 11/17/11

Posting this up a bit late.  Went out with snarkymcchoad from the boards.  It was our first time hanging out and was a blast.  Pre-gamed it at a bar with cheap drinks and there were SF cheerleaders there.  Opened the cheerleaders, waited for McChoad, got into a set, then saw McChoad.  Ejected from my set.  Saw them later in the night and said, "what're you guys, following me around?!"  One thing I notice when I use this line is girls try to reframe it ("no, you're following US!").  Just an observation.

Hit next spot.  Standing at the bar when some girl walks in and looks at me.  I look at her.  She looks familiar.  She comes over and opens me.  Apparently I was dancing with her one night at a different bar.  She says, "I should've gotten your number."  I say, "well we should fix that right now."  We exchange numbers (wherein she puts in her full name, unprompted).  She ends up clinging to me the whole night.  A couple of times I move in to k-close, but she backs away, so I do too.  Hit up the next spot and she follows.

The next spot is more of a club atmosphere.  9s and 10s all around just giving me AA like you read about.  I lose my hanger-on.  I start talking to this one girl.  We're kissing within ten minutes.  It's not something I was necessarily looking for, but she kept leaning into me.  (This happens to me once a week, where there's a girl I'm not really all that interested in kissing who really wants to get some.  I guess there's something to be said for being prepared/right place, right time.)  So I say "fuck it" and go for the makeout.  I pull out first.  I tell her "I have to go find my friend, but let me get your number so we can hang out later."  She says ok.

Go with Snarky to the dance floor.  We work on our dance game.  I try opening a few sets, but to no avail.  There's a real attractive HB Black girl whom I try dancing with, but it doesn't go spectacularly.  I try to open her by opening her (male) friend who is dancing and use him as an excuse to get into their dance circle.  Doesn't really go that well.  Eventually, McChoad and I decide to call it a night.

Walking home I text my hanger-on ("what happened to you") and the girl I just met ("Hey, it's NLA.  Don't makeout with any more guys tonight.").  My phone burps and I restart it.  When it comes back on, there are two messages from new girl.  Something to the effect of "let's meetup?"  I text back, "heading home.  Where are you?"  At this point, I should point out that the only game you should be running when you get a text like that is logistics.  Your job is to not fuck up.  Find out where she is, clean up the house a bit, and head to the address she gave me (some sorority house).  By this point its pushing 3 a.m. on a Thursday night.  I pick her up and she wants me to give her (hot) friend a ride home.  I give shit then comply.  Her friend is grilling me on the way.  I'm like "what's with the twenty questions?"  She says, "you're about to fuck my friend, I want to know about you."  lol, ok.  We get to the friend's house, which is also the girl's house.  She beckons me in.  I oblige.  These chicks come from rich families, but w/e.  The friend pushes us into the girl's bedroom and she jumps on me.  That's all you get.

Something I should've done is pulled the hot friend in for a threesome.  She was saying how she is going to miss sleeping with her (name of new girl).  These girls were ready for it.  Alas, this is something to work on in the future.

Another thing I really have got to work on is my 10 game.  I know it shouldn't feel different talking to tens, but it does.

Finally, Snarky, good hanging with you man.  We'll definitely be doing it again soon.

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