Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Text Game

Been working on text game lately.  Because my 100 sets (#closes) have been successful, I've had all these numbers.  Now I need to do something with them.  One girl I was texting for a while after a makeout, but we never got a chance to meetup, so it sort of fell off.  Another girl texted randomly one night to meet her out, but I was too tired.  Subsequent attempts to get her out fell flat.  Another gal keeps inviting me to parties, so there's that.

Recently I've been texting three girls.  Two via gchat and one via phone.  The first gchat girl we'll call "Old Friend" ("OF").  I've known OF since before I was single.  Not sure if there was anything there.  Other than her tig ole bitties, I wasn't that attracted to her.  She's since moved away, but visited last year and we had a very near hookup.  We've been flirting ever since.  It's definitely a long-term-game.  Just pings every few weeks with the usual teasing/build rapport, etc.

Girl two is a gal I met from Social Circle game.  We'll call her "South America" ("SA").  She's been a hard nut to crack.  Part of the problem may be showing interest.  I think I need to show her more.  Recently however, she came out to a birthday celebration I had.  I took this as a sign of attraction and pinged her today via gchat.  "Hey there" got a response ("what's up") at which point I established a convo.  I'm packing tonight, so I'm just going to leave the convo hanging until an opportunity to go out together establishes itself.

The final girl I made out with last Saturday night.  We'll call her "Make Out" ("MO").  We texted some on Sunday, but the logistics weren't right and we couldn't meetup (she lives an hour away).  We made tentative plans for this Saturday, so I pinged her with "HEY!"  LOL, I knw, choady but it got an immediate "hey" response.  We texted back and forth a bit (her always replying fast, me always taking time between texts).  Don't know where to go with it, but just trying to keep the lines of communication open so Saturday Day 2 happens.

That's it, just wanted to get this stuff down.  I'm fairly new to text game.  Hopefully I get better as I get more numbers.

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