Sunday, November 27, 2011

NLA Social Network is Working [FR]

Scene: Saturday night.  Not wanting to go out, but looking because I did not go out the night before.  Called up a couple of BAS'ers, but they were with family/unavailable.  About 6pm I get two texts from two separate girls.

The first girl invited me to a concert for some band.  I googled the band and it was some death metal shit.  I was not interested.  The second girl invited me to some party.  "Jersey Shore" theme.  Said it starts at 9:30.  I waited an hour and a half and texted both girls back.  To the first I said, "Can't make it tonight."  To the second I said, "Sounds cool.  Where is it?"  She gave me the address and I got ready.

The FR  Party started at 9:30, so I planned on getting there about ten.  I got there at 10:30.  As soon as I get to the address, I see three girls standing outside.  So what do I do?  I talk to them, dummy!  I say, "Is this where the fistpumping happens?" (remember, Jersey Shore).  They laugh, so I talk some shit.  There's a girl standing in my way, so I make a big deal like she's in my way to her friends.  Eventually, they get her to move and I go in.

The Party  I enter and it's a tiny house party (studio apartment).  Turns out its some guy's birthday.  I see the girl who invited me and she smiles, comes right up to me and says, "You came!"  I put my six-pack in the fridge (byob) and get to drinking.  It's a pretty nice party.  The venue is small, but there are a bunch of cute girls.  My invitor introduces me to people, so I am not wont for conversation.  I don't stick to the chick who invited me and instead spread my love around.  I talk to everyone at the party at some point (~25 people).  A twoset of hotties come in so I open them.  Nothing stuck, but I gave them shit the whole night (e.g., "You guys are the life of the party!  Came in and sat down right away.  You guys need to chill it out.").

It becomes a blur at this point.  People are in and out, but I establish myself as alpha.  Some guy is drunk as shit and tries starting shit with me, but I defuse him and befriend him.  I am talking to everyone and having a blast.  Some guy tries taking my beer, but I persuade him not to.  A twoset of hotties (another one) comes in, and I talk to them a lot.  One of the girls is super cute and I am pretty sure the other is a lesbian.  I facebook close them both.  God, I want the hot one, but she said she has a boyfriend.  The HB lesbian said they were lovers or some shit when I first opened them, but I was nonreactive and just plowed.

One of the girls I saw earlier in the night (one of the girls from outside that I first encountered) is leaving, so I engage her in conversation.  She's with her friend, so I talk to them both, but focus on the hottie.  Things are going swimmingly, so I say, "we should hang out some time."  This is my can't lose number close.  I wait for her to respond with, "yes."  Her friend interrupts and there's some chit-chat in between, but I stay persistent and she agrees.  I say, "Great!  Then you should give me your number."  I get my "new contact" screen up and hand her my phone.  She puts her shit in there and I call her.  She entered it wrong the first time, so we fix it.  She put in her first and last name without provocation (serious IOI).  I make some more chitchat and say goodbye.  I texted her the next morning and got a good response (basically, made fun of her last name).

As the party's winding down, it's clear that the girl who invited me wants to go home with me.  I don't fuck it up, act cool and take her home.  Yes players, it's a lay report.  Take her home the next morning and hit the gym.  I knew today would be a good day :)

Lastly, on my way to the party (forgot this), I got a text from a girl.  "What are you up to buddy, wanna drink?"  Lol, I LOVE social game.  Remember to talk to everyone and the situations will present themselves.  Be true to yourself, future players.

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