Tuesday, October 25, 2011

On Being Opened and IOIs

I've noticed lately that I've been getting opened a lot more than I used to.  Either that or I am just better at noticing when girls are hitting on me.  A couple of observations.

1.  Assume Attraction/ Everything is an IOI.  Girls are very socially calibrated people.  Tenfold moreso than guys.  They've had tons of practice actually talking to people growing up and in high school, while we were obsessing over girls, playing video games, or what have you.  What all this means is that a girl very rarely makes an unpremeditated move.  Where she stands in a club, where she sits, where at the bar she goes to get a drink, who she talks to, it's all a dance that the girl has been practicing her whole life.  Her two main goals are to: 1) remain safe and 2) have fun.  A "good girl" will also want to make sure her friends are having a good time.

What does all this mean?  It means if a girl asks you for the time, it's because she's chosen you.  If a girl walks RIGHT BY YOU and rubs up against you, it's an IOI.  If a girl asks you something (about a drink, about the street, about an event), you better believe she wants to talk to you.  OPEN HER!

There are many sorts of IOIs, and the best way to calibrate correctly to get and know these IOIs is practice.  But here are a few: You look at a girl across the room, smile.  She does not look away; you're talking to a girl and holding your ground.  She does not walk away; a girl starts talking to you "out of the blue;"  a girl who you've never talked to before asks you for something..

Now, just because you've received an IOI doesn't mean your job is done.  You've got to use what you know and not fuck it up.  My current sticking point is not taking the opener and running with it.  This past weekend I've had at least five girls open me.  I didn't kiss or fuck any of them and I only ended up with one number.  I can do better.  However, the more I am opened, the better I will become at gauging the situation.

What are your experiences with being opened?  How has it changed your perspective?

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