Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10/7/11 FR

Met up with a few BAS guys about 11p on Friday night.  Brought out a female friend who promised to wing.

First set:  Started the night talking to the bartender who I had met the previous night.  Social proof.  Also, at the first bar someone had put their foot through the window, so this was conversation material all night (got the story from the bouncer.  Social proof x2).  A girl with crutches sits next to me.  Talk about how it must be tough to walk around a bar with those.  Talk about feelings of going stir crazy, sitting at home.  I ask her to dance (lol).  It's my warmup set.

Sets Two through Six:  We bounce to more of a club-type atmosphere.  There's a girl at the front ordering a drink.  I tease her a bit and ask her what she'd do if I got a drink first.  She says punch me.  I tease her for quite a bit and there's definite attraction there.  I tell her about the bar in the back.  She makes a move to go, but I hesitate so she stays.  I bounce a couple minutes later and tell her I'll "do this" (cheesy smile) if I get my drink before her.

Bounce to bar in back where I know bartender.  Get drink quickly.  Probably talk to girls.  One of my favorite bar openers is, "I'm not stealing your spot, just trying to get a drink."  Then I open.  I go to the bathroom after my drink and see the girl from above.  I raise my drink and smile.  She laughs.

Bounce outside.  Opening sets like mad.  Open a fourset of grenades.  I hook into the group.  I know I hook because I tell the stupidest joke in the world and the girl laughs.  Here's the joke:  "Why did the posh chicken cross the road?  To get to the $10,000 of course!"  Lol, it was that bad.  I bounce out of the set and into another.

I ask these two girls for a light (they're talking to a guy).  One girl says "no."  I look at her incredulously.  The other says, "I have one."  Pulls it out of her cleavage.  I give her shit.  I give the other girl shit for being a bitch.  Now I'm giving them both shit.  I'm rocking back and forth and the guy who was talking to them bounces.  I hook into the set and keep throwing in FTCs.  The girl with the lighter says it's her b-day week.  I don't believe her (I NEVER believe them).  She pulls out her ID from her cleavage.  MAN, do I give her shit for that.  We talk about what else is hidden down there.  Would've been a great time to start kino.  Eventually the girls bounce.  I give them a recommendation of the right bartender to get drinks from.  When I see them later they are grateful.  Turned a lost set (guy trying to pick them up, bitch shields WAY up), into a semi-success.

Sitting, I see a cute girl.  I tell one of the BAS'ers to open her.  He says, "not my type."  I go in.  It's a mixed set.  I open with "You girls look so cool and like you're having so much fun, I just had to come over and talk to you."  I'm in.  While talking to them, come to find out the girl who I thought was really cute has a boyfriend (who tried to blow me out but whom I then befriended.).  I talk to them for a bit about #occupywallstreet, then bounce because neither of the other options were that attractive.  One interesting thing about this set is that I was kinoing one girl on the shoulder and she goes, "you keep touching me on the shoulder."  I go, "yup."

Last set of the venue, one of my wings was in a threeset.  I go in to wing.  They're talking sign language.  I know two things, "I hate you" and "I love you."  I show one girl.  I think she makes a smart-ass remark while I'm showing her, so I show her "I hate you first."  It gets a laugh.  We start talking about sign cusses.  This gets into a convo about Italian cusses.  I teach this one girl a few.  They bounce but the girl I teach keeps bringing her friends to me.  This one girl she brings gives me the DDB eyes.  We talk and like an idiot, I do not escalate.  She's ready to be kissed but I don't.  We get to talking about her name and we make it a game like Rumplestilskin.  I say, "If I get it right, you have to go home with me.  If not," I don't remember what the if not was.  She agrees and we are haggling over the rules of the game (she proposes three guesses, I say five.  She says I've already taken two), when her friend comes and swoops her away.  I don't number close because all we had was mere attraction.  I should've fucking kissed her.  We venue bounce.

Set Seven: Last set of the night was most successful.  I open the first set I see of two hot, amazonian women and one dude.  I get them laughing.  They like me.  The dude wings me to hook me up with one of the girls (I got the impression he was dating the other one).  I keep going back to this set throughout the night and eventually the HB Amazon isolates herself for me and we go into rapport.  I number close when I should have kiss closed.  Must remember to kiss close more.  For more in depth account of this set, check out the 100sets link to the right.

Takeaway:  ESCALATE ESCALATE ESCALATE.  Friend of mine recently returned from an RSD mini-boot.  He says that they teach that you should k-close within the first twenty minutes.  I should be constantly escalating so that I get to this point.

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