Friday, September 16, 2011

Gym Game

Hit the gym last night.  Noticed some girls checking me out.  This is becoming my gym routine:

 - enter club.  If there's a cute girl behind the desk (you have to check in), flirt with her.  Currently there are two girls I am flirting with.  One is super hot (HB 9) and attractive INSIDE too (lol, choad).  Seriously, though.  I like her in the sense where my game goes out the window because I get so nervous.  However, I have been talking to her and now whenever she sees me, she brightens up and goes "HIII!"  I should get her number somehow.  "Hey, do you like (what)?" [Her Answer].  "Cool, let's do that.  Give me your number and I'll give you a call."

The other girl I am talking to I am less interested in.  She qualifies herself constantly to me.  She's super shy though, but seems like a pretty cool girl.  I should probably get her number.

- Yesterday when I entered the club I saw a chick whom I had seen at the bar Tuesday.  Not sure if it made it into that night's FR, but basically I saw her at the bar all dolled up.  She pretended to hide from me (obviously recognized me from the gym), so I went over there and teased her, flirted and basically just hung out.  She was with a guy, so I said, "Go for it, man," and put them on their way.  LOL, he was so happy to hear that.  Before I got into the community I never wanted guys to hook up with girls.  Now I do.  I want everyone getting laid all the time.

ANYWAY, I see her there and so give her some DHV ("HEEEEEY GIIIIIRRRRL!" *giant smile).  LOL.  I love life, and the game is great.

- After I flirt with the girls at the desk, I go change.  Working out, there's one gay guy who keeps giving me MAJOR proximity IOIs.  Easy guy, not interested.  Dunno how to let them down easy yet.

- Working on the machine, a cute girl comes over and gives me some proximity IOIs.  She's wearing headphones and I'm having a good workout, so I don't open.  Later, she's over by a rest area, just standing there.  However, she keeps her headphones in, so I don't open.  We do share smiles while I pass, though.  I probably should have opened.  That's a sticking point.  Just say, "hi."

- Doing ab exercises, these two girls come straight over to me, then walk past me.  One of them looks right at me like she wants to fuck me.  I don't open them.  FUCK AA.  Just say, "hi."  Give her the "fuck me" eyes.  Or the "I'm gonna fuck you" eyes.  She was really cute and I totally should have opened.  However, gym gaming is sometimes frowned upon.

I think to improve, I at least need to say "hi" to cute girls working out who give me IOIs.  I also need to #close the cutie at the front desk.

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  1. I notice I get plenty of IOIs at the gym since I have gotten more muscular and go almost every day. I would love to know what to say at the gym, as it is now I kind of just smile and nod to girls that look at me. Hmm.