Monday, January 9, 2012

My Current Harem

Lest ye think I am doing this blog for show, I just wanted to go through my current harem.

Number 1:  Blonde, older, divorcee.  Insatiable sexual appetite.  Three times a night is not enough for her.  Her insatiableness annoyed me to the point where I cut off contact, but she contacted me again after Christmas and we are at it again.  We'll see how long it lasts.  She's generally fun, though, because everytime I introduce something new (sex in a car, spooning, reverse cow-girl), it's a completely new experience to her.  She is totally GGG, which makes me overlook her other annoyances.

Number 2:  College girl.  Lives with parents.  Has a good social circle of friends whom I'd like to bang.  Not all that interested in her sexually, but she is tenacious and it is hard to turn down a sure thing.  She can never host, for obvious reasons, which is problematic because I currently live on a futon.  Because I am the more attractive one, I have all the power.  Gets boring, but hey, it's a sure thing.

Number 3:  New Girl, older, hispanic.  Loves to dance and is lonely.  Big tits.  Gets wet at the thought of me.  Will probably keep her around a little bit.

For the most part, the ladies are the ones who initiate.  I'd like to expand my base a bit as none of these gals are tens.  Although I have a harem, I am currently not satisfied.  If I could, I'd like to downgrade (upgrade?) to one gal I really like who is super-hot, kinky and into me.  For now though, I'll keep the spinning plates.

For the most part I've been reeling back my pick-up activities to focus on other life goals.  I still go out, but not as frequently.  I've got a couple of prospects on the horizon whom I'd like to turn into regular hookups or perhaps more.  Like I said, my goal is to have one quality woman, rather than massive quantities.  However, quantity may lead into quality, so I'll start from a position of strength for now.  Next week I am to have dinner with my Beatrice.  We'll see how that goes.

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