Thursday, February 16, 2012

Quick Update with mini FR

Have not updated in a bit.  Last weekend went out with my Beatrice.  It went swimmingly.  Was getting texts from a girl in my harem who wanted to fuck, but I wasn't feeling it.  She gets too clingy.  We'll probably get together this weekend.

Tuesday was Valentine's day.  Went out to two dollar Tuesdays with a co-worker, then headed over to a local bar where some people from the internet were meeting up.  I met up with them, but there was a terrible girl/guy ratio.  One guy looked cool so I said to him, "Hey, you wanna go inside and hit on women?"  He agreed.  We went inside and derped around a bit.  We played some shuffle board.  Then I saw a twoset sitting by us so I went and opened them.  It went great.  My target took to me right away and my new wing got along with his HB.  I got my target's number, then we played some shuffleboard.  It was a fine time and me and the girl are going out Friday.  Before leaving, I texted her: "Who is the coolest guy you met tonight?  (Hint: It's NLA)."  She responded positively, then later that day asked when we were going out.  I guess I make good impressions.

Me and my wing were leaving the bar for the night, when I see some hottie walking alone down the street.  Of course I open her.  She is receptive and wants me to come inside for a drink with her, so I oblige and both me and my wing head in with her.  She heads to the bar to get a drink and we grab a table.  I am feeling wasted at this point and there's only one girl, so I tell my wing to take over and I jet.

Second Story: On the Importance of talking to EVERYBODY:  There's this cute chick in my office building whom I see occasionally.  She has a MAJOR bitch shield up 24/7, but I make it a point to say "hi" to her like I do most people.  Anyway, I'm on the elevator yesterday, riding down.  She gets on the floor below me.  I say, "Hey, how you doin?"  A second or two passes and she says, "Oh, are you talking to me?"  And I'm like, "Yup.  How you doing?"  We talk for a little bit, I compliment her on her sweater as she is exiting the elevator.  I then go about my day and go to lunch.

I get back from lunch, and apparently this chick came looking for me.  I'm on the tenth floor and there are 12 floors in my building.  She went up to the 12th, described me, and did the same until she got to my office.  I was out of the office at the time, but she left a note with her phone number and office number.  She told the guy at the front desk that she works alone.  I called her last night and we had lunch today.  I time-bridged for drinks later in the week.

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