Thursday, February 23, 2012

2/23/12 Update

So yesterday, I went out to lunch with stalker chick from two posts again.  I'm really amping up the sexual conversation and did a little deep rapport by talking about losing our virginities.  Later, she said, "we need to have a serious talk."  Put it off for 20 minutes.  "I'm not looking for anything but friendship.  I am not in a mental state for anything else."  I think she then justified herself by saying, "maybe if I'm drunk...."  I jumped in and said, "That's fine, but I make out with my friends."  She said, "OK, maybe we'll dry hump."  Lol.  Girl is mine, all I need to do is escalate.

Also talked to the chick from sushi and karaoke yesterday.  Called her on the phone in the morning but logistics were all off.  She said she would call me back, but by 10 at night had not.  Big boo-boo in my book.  I get a couple of texts from her (which end up being from the other night).  I respond with "Is that you calling me back?"  She calls 10 to 20 mins later, apparently drunk and on her way to her car, lol.  Anyway, the girl is cool and I'd like to get her in rotation.  Told her that Thursday's no good and asked if she could do Sat instead (I've got a friend's bday dinner to attend).  She said, "I might be going to New York for the weekend."  Lol, wut.  Apparently this girl IS adventurous.  Excellent.

OK brothers, that's it for now.  I've got to work on my day game some more.  Today I saw this hot dancer come in with a group of friends when I was eating lunch.  She was just my type but I did not open.  When I was leaving she was sitting at a table outside.  My opener should've been, "Excuse, but you are so cute.  I just had to come say hello to you."  Ah well.  You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.  I've also been talking to this cute Mexican chick in my office building with a big rack.  I've got to find a way to close that deal.  Now that I think about it, I talk and flirt with every.  Damn.  Girl.  in my office building.  I love flirting and it's definitely something I've improved these last few months.

So yeah, goals are to improv day game, close the two girls I'm working on and get them into rotation ASAP.  Manana hang with an old friend in the city.  Perhaps I'll get some numbers.

One last thing.  Went out Fat Tuesday.  Opened tons of sets.  At one point I used the perfect opener at a seated two-set:  "Can I take this seat?"  "Sure."  Sit.  Set went well.  I number closed some chick, but don't think I'll call her.  It was end of the night close and I was a little wasted.  Tonight it's early bed for me.

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