Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Report

Had a blast this weekend.  Friday I went out with chick I met on V-Day.  Hit up sushi place and had awesome sushi.  100 bucks later, I told her she was buying drinks at the bar.  Went to the karaoke bar afterwards.  We are sitting down and within 10 minutes we are making out.  At some point I try to put her hand on my dick, but she's not having it.  She said she doesn't put out on a first date.  I ignored and plowed, but it was a nonstarter.  It's fine as I like this chick, and I timebridged for a fuck on our next date.  At the karaoke place, we were owning it and were basically the coolest people there/having the most fun.  At one point, a song came on that is on my list of songs (I have a karaoke list), so my girl tells me to go up.  I do and some cute asian girl comes up too (it was her song).  Fuck it, we sing it together and have a fucking blast.

Saturday, had to meet my fuck buddy, but wanted to sarge too, so I sent up the bat signal.  Meet at the bar.  I'm the first one there and I open a two-set of fatties to get the juices flowing.  One community guy shows up whom I never met, so we shoot the shit until my FWB shows up.  I tell her that we're going to help him hit on girls.  Go to another bar that is having dubstep night.  Grab a couple of PBRs and KILL the dance floor.  I'm talking to every fucking girl in the establishment.  There's this really cute black HB with a hot friend who I am talking to the whole time.  Black girl I can tell is feeling me, but I've got FWB with me so I try to pawn her off on the community guy.  Don't think it went well.  Either way we had a complete BLAST, totally owned the place and talked to every set in there.

Bounce to the next bar.  I'm opening every set I see and FWB gets pissed, so I have to calm her down.  At one point she goes to the bathroom and I am talking to these two seated hottie sisters.  One of them starts talking about her tits, saying how they are nice.  So I tell her they look nice and start grabbing them.  I then tell them we should makeout before my FWB gets back, but no going.  Again, I opened every fucking set in there like it was my business.  No going for number closes because I have a few spinning plates right now.

At some point my FWB and I bounce to my office where we fuck overlooking the city.  I then take her home for more super happy fun times.  She jets at 4am and I am a complete ass to her because I am not a morning person at all.  She texts me later in the day, "Sorry for being mean.  I was just frustrated.  Sex in yr office was hot."

I am growing as a person and a player and have improved so much in the short time I've been in the game.  I have learned that I can be a total asshole and still get away with it.  I've also begun to believe that I am the party and that people are genuinely interested in talking to me / hanging out with me.  I've also started reading "How to Win Friends and Influence People."  The book is pure gold.  One thing I did not do this weekend that I tried to do was get my Beatrice out for dinner on Sunday.  I called her on Saturday and no answer.  I then texted her Sunday, but she's ignoring me.  I'm not letting that one go.

Goals for next week are to bang the asian cutie from V-Day and go out with HB black girl who tracked me down (from last post).  Saturday, my natural friend is in town from the other coast so we'll probably tear some shit up.  It's getting busy, but that's a good thing.  Soon I am going to have to shift focus on some work stuff, so hopefully I can get a couple of plates spinning so I can really focus on what I need to do.

I have so many goals and so much growth I've yet to see in myself.  However, I realize that I've grown a lot since last winter when I was basically crying into my beer every night.  I am a much better socializer now and want to continue to improve by growing my harem, making more friends, extending my social network, and completing my work goals.

Keep playin' playas.

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