Monday, February 27, 2012

Let the River Take You

This is an FR from Friday night.  Rolled up to SF with my not-in-the-game cousin to meet my friend, "Natural," who was in town from MA.  Waiting to meet my friend at the bar, drinking with my cuz and opening sets.  First couple of sets went fine, but nothing great.  So I go open this twoset of Russians.  I don't remember the entire interaction, so I am only going to his the high points.

My target was super hot.  Turns out they were both visiting from LA.  Somehow I guessed their ages exactly, and one even took out her ID to show me.  I asked their names and got into deep rapport with the hottie (thought they were both attractive).  We talked about where she worked, what she did for fun, etc.  They say they are going outside to smoke and I say, all excited, "You smoke!?"  I then go out and smoke with them.  They're smoking some capri slims or something so I make fun of them.  My natural friend shows up and introductions are made.  We go inside.

At some point, the girls are talking about the patio out back where you can smoke, so I say, "let's go" and lead my entire group of five people to the back area.  I seat them at a table and excuse myself to go to the rest room.  When I come back the entire group's moved.  "What happened?" I say.  Apparently it was reserved, but the group found a table.  We all sit down.  Two guys who are in-field come into the group, then leave to sarge.  At one point, I am sitting across from the obstacle and my cousin is sitting across from the hottie, so I make some excuse about how my cigarette smoke is going in his face and switch seats with him.  Then, to my hottie I say, "I just wanted to sit next to you," smile.

At some point, my natural friend gets the deets about the next venue from his bro and we have to bounce.  We attempt to bounce the girls, but they beg off, claiming they have to wake up early for a tour of alcatraz.  Not sure how I could have pulled, but it's fine.  I tell hot Russian that we should hang out either before she leaves, or I'll visit her in LA and we exchange numbers.  She gets up to say goodbye to me, and this is where I go for the k close in an alternative world (she was basically asking for it), but don't and hug it out instead.  God, as good as I am, I am still such a chode sometimes.  We bounce, girls stay, and me and my friend tear up some other club.  Think I got another number by the end of the night, but nothing of consequence.  The venues kinda sucked, but I had fun anyway.

Pros:  Bouncing the girls around, some solid deep rapport to hook the girl, got the number close, defeated obstacles.

Cons:  Should be escalating more.

Post-script:  At one point I asked my natural friend how he's so good at hitting on women and he said he just has to relax and that I come on too strong.  So, definitely something to work on in the future.

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