Saturday, March 3, 2012

3/2/12 [LR]

Another lay last night.  I don't feel like getting into the whole night, but there were a BUNCH of sets beforehand.  Last bar of the night, and we're all chilling.  I go to the bar and order a drink.  Naturally I talk to the girl standing there.  Can't say what my opener was.  Probably something like, "is this where you get drinks?"  Something stupid like that usually works wonders.  Anyway, at one point I just put my arm around her and go, "You're my girlfriend now."  She goes, "oh yeah?" incredulously.  I'm like, "yeah."  We start riffing on where we're from.  All night I was asking ppl if they were from SF for some reason.  She's like, "yeah, I'm from SF."  So I tell we're going to have to breakup because I live in San Jose.  Push-pull.  Push-pull.

At some point, she says something I like, so I reward her by telling her we're getting married.  She laches onto this like flies on shit.  Next thing I know I'm introducing her to the guys and she's introducing me to her friends.  I tell her friends that this is " my future wife."  She and her friends are loving it.  We're holding hands and talking.  She's got this glazed-over type look in her eyes.  A couple times I go for the kiss and she pulls back. All I do is reel back, remain non-reactive, then go for the kiss again.  Eventually we are making out.  It took a couple of start-stops as she would first not kiss me at all, then only on the cheek, then some pecking on the lips, then a quick makeout, then full makeout.  This is all over the course of 15 to 20 minutes or so.

At one point, her friend gives me a ring to propose, so I do the whole get down on one knee deal, put the ring on the finger, the whole nine yards.  Real suave-like.  Also, real chodey, lol.  But it fucking works and we're making out.  I think at one point she says she's going home but I can't come.  I tell her I just want to cuddle all night and not have sex, lol.  She sticks to her guns and says I can't come home with her.  At one point, and I have no idea why, she's leaving.  I think her friends were staying at the bar.  So as she's leaving I'm like, "I'll walk you out" or "I'll get you a cab" or some bullshit.  A cab pulls up and she gets in.  I can see that if I get in, she won't say anything, and if I say something I'll fuck it up.  So I get in and shut the door.  She gives the cab driver her address.  In the cab I'm thinking ("ESCALATE!"), so I start rubbing her leg and shit.  She tells me to stop b/c she's ticklish, but I keep at it, reeling back every so often.  I think she tells me again we're not having sex and I'm just like, "sure sure.  We'll just get naked and go to sleep."

OK, we get to the house.  Apparently it's her parent's "vacation house."  It's way up on the top of a giant fucking hill, overlooking most of the city.  She's like, "be quiet when you walk in because my brother's here."  I'm like, "OK."  We go in, she sneaks me to the bedroom and talks to her brother.  I don't want to turn this into a penthouse forum letter, but I think the next part is relevant to guys dealing with LMR.  Remember, I never said we were having sex, and every time she said we weren't, I was just like "yeah, yeah, sure.  We'll just cuddle, it's fine."

So while she's out talking to the bro, I get down to my skivvies and jump into bed, make myself comfortable. She gets in and we makeout a bit and I caress her a bit.  She says, "OK, time to go to bed."  I go, "OK," get on my stomach, and shutdown a minute.  Then I throw my arm over her.  Then I caress her legs some more, rub her pussy over her panties.  I stop and circle around, teasing, teasing, pushing, pulling.  I then go in, put my fingers inside.  Rub her a bit.  She says, "are you gonna lick my pussy?"  After that it was elementary.  Lick the pussy, feel her breasts, she pulls me up, I take off my boxers, tell her to touch my dick, she puts it right in her cunt.

Couple of other things about the night.

  • After making out for a bit or w/e, she's like, "don't you want my number?"  I'm like, "OK, sure," and hand her my phone.  LOL, I just don't give a fuck.  She's puts in her whole fucking name.  I swear, there is no fucking bigger IOI than that right there.
  • I hadn't been blown out in a while, and in my other sets that night, towards the end, I was starting to get blown out a bit.  Felt fucking GREAT.  I just went up to one of the BAS'ers and was like, "I keep getting blown out.  This is awesome!"
  • SF is such a fucking HOUSE of beautiful women.
  • I used the opener "Hey, you are adorable and I just had to come over here and talk to you" a couple of times.  Can't tell if it was better than my normal opener.  At one point I saw a girl across the bar and literally chased her down to tell her that.  She was with a whole bunch of guys and I probably should've iso'd her, but didn't and bounced out of the set when I ran out of what to say.  This is the biggest problem with this opener I think,  I use it, then I have absolutely nothing to say.  Maybe if I try it some more it'll go better.  The second time I used the opener, the girl bored me, so I started talking to her friend.  I think she got jealous because she came over and was like, "this is my girlfriend" and stole her away.
  • Doing the walk of shame at 7 a.m. on a Saturday is somehow less painful.
  • They're always skinnier at the bar.

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