Thursday, March 22, 2012

3/22/12 Musings

I've been gaming a girl whom I have feelings for (call her Jezabel).  It's a strange thing to game a girl whom I actually like as a person.  I am used to gaming random chicks in bars who are into me.  It's a completely new game.  Some thoughts on gaming girls you like:

1.  Have no fear of the friend zone.  "Friend zones" are a high school thing, imho.  As you get older (and as a consequence, game older women), women you meet will want to "get to know you better" (e.g., not just fuck).  It's fine to build a woman's comfort level with you.  Just remain a sexual being and she'll know you're not just "the friend" type.

2.  It's fun, exciting, and scary gaming a girl you like.  When I game in clubs, I have almost no fear of approaching because I don't care what the outcome is.  I've never seen the girl before and I might not ever again.  But with a gal I like, it's a new game.  I think "don't mess this up" and get into my head a lot more.  It's not necessarily a bad thing because I think about it a lot more and the interaction is on-a-whole better.

3.  All that said, I've got to make a move, but I've been a pussy.  It's easy kissing girls you've just met.  It's tougher when you've developed a friendship with a woman.

I'll keep you guys up to date.  In the meantime, here's a mini FR from last night.

Hit up happy hour b/c I was too sore to go to gym and needed to unwind.  Sent out some texts, but it looked like I was riding solo.  Pinged FWB, but she was out of town.  Pinged some girl whom I "nexted," but she was being coy.  WHATEVER.  I thought to myself "you are the party.  You are the value" and decided to have a good time.  Went outside and talked to some JAP (jewish american princess) and her friend who had piercings all over her face.  I was only interested in the JAP, but at one point in the interaction, her boyfriend came, and I try not to game girls i/f/o their boyfriends.

Talked to everyone in the bar.  I know some people from previous interactions, so talked to them a bit.  Made some new friends.  Brought the value wherever I went.  At one point I was about to leave, but decided not to.  Went in and sat next to a twoset.  Started talking to them.  One chick was really hot, the other was good looking to.  I was not sitting next to the hot one.  Interaction went well, a friend (male) of the hot one came in and bought everyone shots.  Talked to him a bit (always giving value), then went back to talking to the girl next to me.  Dropped sexual hints in the convo, kino'd early and escalated.  Number closed, then said, "we should kiss."  K-closed that bitch.

Post Scrip:  It may sound like I'm misogynist, but I'm not.  I love women and am a bit of a feminist.  It's a product of (A) how I type and (B) how you, the reader, sees me.

Play on, playas :)

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