Monday, March 26, 2012

A word on canned material

I consistently see the question, "should I use canned material?"  Or new guys will ask me what my opener is, or what I think about MM.  Here's my take:  it's a great beginner's tool.  The first time I ever used this shit in the field, I used shit right out of The Game.  "You guys see the fight outside?"  "Who lies more?"  Etc.  Some sets went well, some did not.  What's important though, is that this material gave me the confidence to approach.  And approach I did.  However, I found that when I ran out of material, the conversation became a little stilted.  I asked myself "am I in C3 or A1?"  "Should I be DHV'ing right now?  Am I showing too much interest?"  Eventually, when I tried to expand on the canned openers into the other material, my head got too crowded and my interactions became too stilted.

It wasn't until I went out with the BAS crew that I realized you don't need openers, DHV stories, or any of that other crap.  You just need to go up to girls, with confidence, and start talking.  It helps if you are a good communicator, and imho, a compliment is better than a neg any day of the week.  That doesn't mean you shouldn't be teasing, teasing is flirting.

So what's my stance on canned material?  Great to use the openers when first going out.  It gets you out of your head and into the mode where you are constantly opening sets and talking to women.  However, I would suggest you not become too dependent on the canned openers, as I believe you can only go so far with them. I am not a Mystery or MM hater in any sense of the word.  I just think that there is a natural progression from MM to natural game.

BONUS:  FR from 3/23/12

Will make it short.  Went out with a newbie.  First set we were in I opened while I was ordering my drink.  Told the gal she looked like a pinup model ("hope I'm not being too forward, but....").  She was duly impressed.  Her friend came over and introduced me.  I was in.  Sister came in and I am very solidly in the group.  So much so that my wing, who has little to no experience, was able to hold a conversation well enough for me to excuse myself and leave the restroom.  At one point, they even offered me a shot of rum from out of the pint of rum they smuggled into the bar, lol.

Logistics were off because my A1 target was engaged (this was her makeup bachelorette party) and my A2 target was isolated while A3 chatted my fucking ear off.  At one point I just stopped A3, turned to A2 and said, "I find you really attractive and I'd love to take you out sometime.  Give me your number so we can make that happen."  Hand her my phone.  She waffles but A1 takes it and says, "I'll give you her number."  :) get in with the friends.  Stayed in set after number close, then bounce.

At the next spot I was in the zone opening sets left and right.  Talking to this real cutie who was ultra into me.  "We should totally hang out sometime."  Her:  "Yeah."  Me:  How do we do that?  Her:  I could take your number.  Me:  No.  Her: OK, I'll give you mine.  LOL.  Only problem is she has a 4 y/o kid, so dunno if I'm gonna hit it.

Went for a few k-closes and, while not getting blown out, they did not stick.  My recent goal has been to ESCALATE, so I'm glad I'm going for it.

Oh.  And later in the night I got into a fight :)


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