Friday, April 27, 2012

Don't Talk About Her Appearance

Got some good women advice from a woman last night.  Strange, I know.  I should explain that comment.  Women are TERRIBLE at giving dating/pickup advice.  Of course there are exceptions.  My mom, for instance, gives great fucking advice.  Shit she says shit that I use to this day.  For instance, this gem is from her:  If a girl will let you hold her hand, she will let you kiss her.  Works every.  Fucking.  Time.

Anyway, I was talking to a lady friend and she was bitch and moaning because some guys were giving her shit for the way she was dressed.  She says to me, "Why do guys always talk about that shit?  I hear about it every fucking day.  Every man on the street, in the store, everyone feels like they need to say something about my appears.  'Hey, nice shoes,' or, 'you look good today.'  It's so fucking annoying."  And she's right.

If you remember back to Mystery, he told you to never compliment a girl.  This is basically an offshoot of that.  Complimenting a girl is fine.  One of my favorite openers is, "hey.  I like your style!"  However, stay away from complimenting her on the way she looks.  Again, it comes with a caveat.  Some guys get work with the line, "I saw you from over there and you are so cute that I just had to come over here and talk to you."  But for the most part, stay away.

Don't talk about a girl's hair, don't ask about her tattoos, don't stare at her boobs, don't point out her birthmark.  Just don't.  Try to find out if the girl is cool enough to hang out with you.  After that is accomplished, then and only then, you can start talking about superficial shit like her giant fucking tits or her ugly ass tattoo.  But if you are new, just stay the fuck away from outward appearance comments.

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