Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Word on Text Game -- With review of basics

I've been doing a bunch of texting lately.  I've pretty much conquered my 100 set challenge re: getting numbers (see sidebar for link), so now it's time to do something with those numbers.  Getting sick of all the dead phone numbers in my phone, I'm making a conscious effort to sober text all of the new numbers I get.  I generally get good results (whereas, when I was mostly drunk texting, I'd tend to fuck it up somehow).  Here are some basics:

1.  Always text this within one hour of getting a girl's phone number:  "Hey [name].  It was great to meet you!  Save this phone number because it will be the most important one you'll ever get.  - [NLA]."  Feel free to change it up, but the basic framework is:  salutation ("hey [name]"); cocky-funny statement ("don't go hitting on too many other guys tonight ;)") / inside joke; your name.  That's it.  90% of the time, it works every fucking time.  It also sets you up for your next text because she's not wondering who the fuck it is.

2.  Text or call the next day.  ALWAYS text or call the next day.  Two things here.  1.  You don't want to wait too long because you will lose her; 2.  You want her to get used to texting with you.

3.  Make sure you sexualize and go for the date quickly.  Every text does not have to be sexual, but you've really got to throw it in there every so often because you don't want her thinking you are just another friendly guy.  You are a sexual being.

4.  General tips:  Don't text too much (generally, stay away from two texts in a row); if you sent a question, by golly wait for a response before you text her again!; usually want to wait at least the amount of time she takes to respond to you before texting her back (e.g., she takes 30 mins to text you back, you text her 40 mins after that); don't be too available / quick to respond.  You can respond quickly sometimes, but don't make a habit of it.  You want to be a mystery and seem busy.  Try to end your texts on a question / statement that needs a response.  Your goal is to 1. keep the communication going and 2. setup the day 2.  That's it.

As for how to get the girl's number, here's my go to, can't miss, works every time technique (and I'm sure there are many more out there).  After talking for a bit and building some rapport I'll say, "You seem really cool.  We should hang out sometime."  She'll say, "cool"  or "yeah!"  I say, "how can we make that happen?"  She says, "I can give you my number..."  I pull out my phone, open new contact page and put it into her hand.  I also ask for the last name "so I can facebook stalk you."  Lol, this last one is a new line, but getting the last name will decrease your flake rates.

Couple other ways to do it:

-  "You're cool.  Gimme your number."  Put your phone in the girl's hand.

-  Seed the day 2.  When you are qualifying her, ask a question that seeds day two like, "do you eat sushi?" or "do you sing karaoke?"  If she says "yes!" then I'll say, "awesome! Let's go this weekend."  Her: "ok."  Put your phone in her hand.  This one decreases flake rates exponentially.

Post questions in the comments.

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