Wednesday, April 25, 2012

FR and Text Message Game

Went out last night with a wing from the BAS boards.  Was at the bar with boss and a colleague, but no fucks were given.  Flirt with the bartender whose number I have until my friend arrives.  As soon as he sits down he opens a twoset of girls to my left (the only girls in the place, basically.  But both real cute).  I hadn't even noticed them because I was busy talking to my bartender friend, colleagues, etc.  But my wing goes right in and hooks.  I ignore for a bit, but then jump in the set when I can.  His target is real cute and the other chick has nice, big tits.  Cool.  I start talking to her (logistics are HB Tits, HB Blonde, Wing, Me lined up like ducks at the bar) across the other two and connect a bit.  Sometimes I bring it back to blonde, sometimes talk just to my wing.  We give them shit at times, and iso at times.  At one point, HB tits asks me a question that I can either blow off, or will take some time to answer.  I had been thinking that I needed to change the dynamics and this was the chance, so I said, "Hold on.  I have to come over there and tell you."  Picked up my beer and food, walked over to her like a boss, sat down and started telling her my story.  After that it was natural.  Initiate kino, ramp up buying pressure, seed next date, qualify the shit outta her, say, "we should hang out sometime . . ."  yadda, yadda.  Excused myself to go back and talk to my colleagues.

Coupla texts:

As for text message game, tried texting the bartender last night, but she is so fucking BORING to text.  It really went nowhere.  We were having more fun in the bar.  Maybe she's just an "in person" chick.

Texted HB tits while still at the bar.  "Save this number, it's the most important number you'll ever get."  She texted a sarcastic "Who is this?"  At which point I looked up, saw her smiling, and flipped her the fuck off.  lol. She was just kidding around and you could tell it was the right text to send.  HB Blonde says, "that was cheeeeeeesy.  But I like it." :)  Been texting HB tits all day ramping up temp and sexual interest.  Probably take her out next wk sometime.

Texting some girl who lives down South.  Met her in SF and keeping interest alive until she visits.  There was definite interest when we met on both sides.  We've been roll playing a lot and I am attempting to ramp up sexual interest.  We'll see how it goes, but as she is so far away, it is low risk, high reward.

The chick from a post or two again who invited me to karaoke and I have been texting about her lip ring.  Hadn't texted in a few days, but texted her today and got an almost instantaneous response.  Her last response was "Hope all is great!"  No idea wtf that is supposed to mean.

I'll be trying to work on my text game more as I've had way too many dead leads (where I just don't text at all).  We'll see how it goes.

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